Copy of jessie james decker for south beach diet


Jessie James Decker & South Beach Diet

With over 3 million Instagram followers, Jessie James Decker is a powerhouse of inspiration and influence. When the singer-songwriter, entrepreneur and reality-TV star teamed up with South Beach Diet as our Celebrity Brand Ambassador, I knew I wanted to create a visual story that captured her feminine style and fun personality. The goal was to celebrate and promote this partnership in an honest and dynamic way.

Staying true to the South Beach brand, I used soft colors inspired by beachy sunsets and hand drawn elements to add a personal touch to her digital and social media marketing materials. For her “Success Story” landing page, to emphasize the strong connection she has with her fans, I drew inspiration from her personal brands and collaged photos and graphic elements in a playful way. The page was to provide SEO value and be the spot where her followers could find more information about her positive experience with South Beach Diet.


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