roxy snowboard graphics


Roxy Snowboard Graphics

I fell in love with snowboarding a bit later in life, around the ripe old age of 19. The sport brought so much beauty into my life: life-long friendships, freedom, confidence and a peaceful connection to Mother Earth. Because of all it did for me, I knew I wanted to get involved in the action sports industry to inspire more young women to pick up a board and ride.

Thus the dream of combining my love for snowboarding with my passion for design was born! It all started with an email stating that dream—that one day, I would design snowboard graphics. Not just something pretty on the top of a 152cm piece of laminated fiberglass, but a graphic that evokes emotion. A few months later I was contacted by the hardgoods manager of Roxy/Mervin Manufacturing about a freelance opportunity to submit a couple concepts to be considered for the upcoming winter line. I sent in five different concepts and all five were chosen and produced. Over the next five years that I worked with Roxy, I designed over 20 board graphics—drawing inspiration from nature, my travels, and the magical feeling you get when you’re gliding over snowflakes. Landing this job has fueled what is now my life-long design & teaching philosophy: that your career and your life can be anything YOU want it to be, you CAN turn your passion into a job, and design dreams REALLY do come true!