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South Beach Diet Social Media Launch

When planning for the launch of the new South Beach Diet, with the support of my design director and our creative team, I lead the conceptualization, art direction and design for the rebranding of South Beach Diet’s social media accounts. We wanted to build a community of people that had success on the program, to continue to inspire each other to live heathier and happier lives, but also to help support those that may be facing similar issues and struggles.

We incorporated the hash tag “#mysouthbeach” into various post images and post copy, with the idea that followers could use it to share what makes them feel joyful, healthy and empowered. Knowing not everyone can be at the beach in Miami, what in their lives makes them feel just as happy? We created colorful posts full of inspiration and positivity. We included information that made food shopping easy and combined professional photos with user-generated imagery to give the brand a voice you felt that you could relate to. Because the brand and visual story we created was so strong and unique—numerous graphics, type treatments, and design elements were taken from this project and used to inspire the brand’s overall visual presence throughout digital, web and print.


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